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Refrigeration Services

Refrigeration for many businesses is key to supplying their customers with a top quality product, whether that is fresh produce or a perfectly chilled ale. When keeping your stock at the correct temperature is paramount you need a company that is reactive to your needs and has the knowledge to repair and keep your equipment running all year round...

At Spectre we recognise the importance of supplying our customers with a fast reactive break down service to their refrigeration equipment, whether it is for an ice machine or a walk in cold store we ensure someone is on site as soon as possible to get the unit back up and running. The vast majority of refrigeration units run 24 hours a day 7 days a week, because of this it makes sense to have the system regularly maintained to ensure the equipment is as efficient as possible reducing the chances of a break down occurring.


Many break downs are simply the result of poor up keep of the equipment and can be easily prevented by maintaining the system throughout the year. A visit every six months is usually enough to keep on top of the work for most units, this can vary however depending on the type of environment the unit is being asked to work in. Keeping on top of this work not only helps to save on energy bills, but can in many cases significantly reduce the cost of any break down repairs. This is due to having to resolve issues such as dirty coils etc to be able to get the unit to a point where it can be accurately tested to find the main fault. 


As with air conditioning, refrigeration installations also have to be sized correctly otherwise the unit will suffer from being over worked and will significantly reduce the life of the components on the system. Cellar coolers are a great example of this, unlike cold stores which have insulated panel walls cellars do not, so the unit has to be adequately sized to be able to cope with any potential temperature gain / loss without causing the unit to have to over work.

Walk In Fridge And Freezer Side By Side
Refrigeration Condensing Units
J&E Hall Cellar Cooler Unit

Click on any of the above tabs to find out more about each of the services we provide and the type of systems we install, maintain and carry out repair work on...

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