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Knowing the importance of a temperature controlled environment both in the home and in the work place, we offer break down services to faulty equipment, maintenance contracts and new system installations...

Air conditioning has grown to play a key role in many domestic and commercial properties to create a comfortable environment for people to simply relax in or improve their general working conditions. Not only is it an excellent source of cooling but also provides the user with a powerful and efficient means of heating the room they are occupying, this ability to provide both heating and cooling allows for all year round climate control. Unlike a boiler system where the heat can take an age to get the room up to a reasonable temperature, air conditioning can achieve this is a matter of minutes saving on over all running time and energy.


There are three key services when it comes to air conditioning, the first is starting with the initial sizing and system selection for the size and type of room the equipment is to go in. This part is extremely important, if the unit is too small for the room then it will run continuously and not only cost more money to run but will severely shorten the life of the unit and the parts. If the unit is over sized for the room it is intended for it can reduce the temperature too quickly and so not removing the humidty from the room making it uncomfortable to be in.


The second is the maintenance of the equipment, like everything that has components working (in some cases 24/7) maintenance work is imperative, not only to keep the unit working to its full capacity but also to pick up on any potential problems before they develop further.


The third is the break down service, all components have a life span and when they fail a quick responsive service is needed to get the unit back up and running again especially in temperature critical environments. Many break downs are the result of poor up keep of the units and so over time the components have to work harder to achieve temperature, this extra work load significantly reduces the life of the parts resulting in regular break downs.

Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Unit, Above Sofa.
Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Unit Having Filters Removed.
Air Conditioning Refrigerant Cycle Diagram

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Air Conditioning Services

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