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With years of experience installing refrigeration equipment we know that a professionally installed system will not only run faultlessly for years, but also offers our customers peace of mind from day one. For many businesses, reliable refrigeration storage is key to supplying it's customers with a fantastic product in prime condition. With this in mind we ensure all of our installations are sized correctly to suit the job and professionally installed by our expert engineers....

Cold Rooms

Walk in fridges and freezers are a very popular way of storing goods within the food and restaurant business as it allows for large levels of storage without the need for numerous seperate fridges and freezers. As cold rooms are built from insulated panels, this allows the customer to have something built to any size and with the expertise of our engineers, installed to an excellent standard too. It is important that the room is not only built correctly but sealed well also, this helps prevent temperature loss/gain. The system size is also very important, if the unit is incorrect for the size of the room it will struggle to achieve temperature, especially in a busy restaurant with staff going in and out all the time.

Walk In Fridge And Freezer Side By Side
J&E Hall Cellar Cooler Unit

Cellar Coolers

Cellar cooling is a key part of any pub as this is the main piece of equipment keeping the kegs at optimum temperature. It is imperative that this type of system is sized correctly when installed as many cellars are not very well insulated and temperature loss can be quite high, especially in rooms above ground. If the unit doesn't have the capacity to keep up with the work load it will be extremely inefficient and will suffer from continuous problems. A high quality, professionally installed cellar cooler can offer years of excellent service and will save on expensive running costs, as newer models get more and more energy efficient.

Refrigerated Trollies & Cabinets

Working alongside a local manufacturing firm, we have coupled our extensive knowledge of refrigeration and their expertise of trolley and cabinet building to design and build refrigerated trollies and cabinets. These units are completely hand built from scratch and so can be modified and redesigned to suit your requirements. Each wooden trolley is hand crafted with the refrigeration system installed and tested to ensure the unit works perfectly before being delivered to the customer. By plugging in the unit and allowing it to run to its set temperature,  the chilled plate allows the user to store food and drinks products on whilst serving and keeping everything chilled. If serving around a busy room or restaurant the unit can be unplugged and the cooling plate will keep the items chilled for plenty of time to allow for mobile serving.  

Refrigerated Display Trolley

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Refrigeration Installations

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