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When your refrigeration equipment is the main source of storing stock at the correct temperature, a maintenance contract to keep that equipment fuctioning at it's best is essential. Spectre cover numerous types of cold storage equipment and have built up a wealth of knowledge of how to keep them running at their best all year round...

A maintenance program is essential to keep your refrigeration system running to its full capacity, stop problems occurring and make sure it gives you a reliable service for years to come. One of the most common problems which both refrigeration and air conditioning units suffer from is clogged condenser and evaporator coils. Although a very simple problem to fix, left untreated will have a dramatic effect on the systems performance and put unnecessary strain on other components on the unit.

Having equipment regularly maintained extends component life, reduces running costs, maximises performance, provides energy efficiencies and minimises the risk of failure and costly repairs. Regular maintenance visits to your equipment could see savings of up to 30% on your energy bills compared to units which are never maintained and cost a fraction of the price of regular break down repairs. Spectre Refrigeration & Air Conditioning offer planned maintenance contracts at a time or date to suit yourselves. This minimizes the amount of disturbance within your workplace and cuts down on distractions. The time taken to carry out maintenance work would take a fraction of the time to carry out and keep things running smoothly than a break down would, this would not only cost less on work but also on potential stock lost if the unit was to break down.

Walk In Fridge And Freezer Side By Side
J&E Hall Cellar Cooler Unit

If you require a maintenance contract for your equipment or simply require a price, contact us today to find out more...

Refrigeration Maintenance

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