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Spectre Refrigeration & Air Conditioning offer an installation service for a variety of air conditioning systems designed to control your working environment. There are several types of system on the market all designed to provide you with the ideal heating and cooling capacity for your building whilst being as energy efficient and cost effective as possible. Below is four of the most common types of systems available today which cover virtually all possible requirements, which can be professionally tailored and installed to best suit the features of your building...

Split Air Conditioning Systems

Split air conditioning systems are the most common form of air conditioning units to be installed and comprise of an indoor unit usually floor, ceiling or wall mounted and an outdoor unit. The indoor and outdoor units are linked with copper pipe which carries refrigerant between the two units when pumped round by the outdoor unit compressor. By pumping the refrigerant through an expansion device on the indoor unit the cooling effect is created drawing the heat out of the air and cooling it in the process. The heat removed from indoors is the expelled by the outdoor unit and so the cycle carries on until the room being cooled reaches the required temperature. In heating mode, the heat created by the refrigeration process by the outdoor unit is simply reversed and pumped through to the indoor unit and in turn creating a source of heating. The system will then run until the set temperature is achieved.

Wall Mountes Split Air Conditioning Unit
Multi Split Air Conditioning Cassette Ceiling Mounted Units In Open Office Area

Multi-Split Air Conditioning
The process used by the "Multi-split" system is the same as the single split system, but allows a number of indoor units to be controlled individually from a single outdoor condenser. The system can have up to four indoor units running off one outdoor unit in either heating only or cooling only form.​

"Multi-split" systems offer an ideal way of serving several different areas whilst minimizing the amount of space required for outdoor units.

VRF Air Conditioning Condensing Units

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Air Conditioning Installations

VRF Systems
Variable Refrigerant Flow systems are the most modern variant of the "Split" air conditioning system and are currently the best systems available for mid to large scale cooling and heating applications.

It is possible to install up to sixteen indoor units which can then be connected to a single large outdoor condensing unit. The outdoor condenser is specifically constructed to respond to the number of indoor units operating, each being controlled for cooling or heating purposes. The "VRF" system offers excellent levels of flexibility allowing the operator to control individual indoor unit temperatures independently, allowing for personal choice as indoor and outdoor conditions change.

This style of system offers a year round solution to indoor climate control with unrivalled performance and energy efficiency. With many of today's air conditioning systems offering both heating and cooling modes, your staff or customers can be kept warm during winter and cool during summer. New air conditioning units are rated A in energy efficiency and in heating mode can cost up to 60% less to run than a boiler fired wet system.

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