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Knowing the importance of reactive break down calls Spectre Refrigeration & Air Conditioning make it their aim to react to service calls as quickly as possible. With years of break down experience to a wide variety of both refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, you can be safe in the knowledge that Spectre can resolve any issues your equipment may be experiencing.
Below is a number of the most common break down issues and how they can be resolved...

Refrigerant Leaks

In the case of a refrigerant leak, topping up the refrigerant is not enough. The whole system would have to be leak checked to find the leak, fix it and then the system would be safe to recharge with the correct amount of fresh refrigerant. Both refrigeration and air conditioning systems work at their most efficient when they are charged to the manufacturer's specifications, too much or too little will affect the performance of the unit. For this reason it is essential to have systems regularly serviced.

Water And Bubbles


There can be several reasons for smells to occur in air conditioning units, the most common being odours already within the room which attach to the coil and over time bacteria grows creating a smell. It is also proven that air conditioning units can actually accentuate smells as the air is circulated around the room. The other is due to poor evaporation of stagnant water allowing mold to grow inside the unit. The solution to remove the smell is to clean the unit with chemical cleaner or steam clean the coil, drain and filters to eliminate the odour.

Blocked Coils

Although there are air filters on indoor units they are unable to catch all dust particles and what gets through the filters can build up inside the evaporator coil. This can cause issues with air flow and also play a part in odour production, the restriction of air flow will also create changes in refrigerant pressures and can cause the unit to freeze up. The same problem can also happen with the outdoor condensing unit if the coils are not kept clear regularly. Careful cleaning is the best solution to the problem which would usually be conducted on general maintenance visits.

Air Conditioning Condeser Coil Leaking Bubbles

Water Leaks

When an air conditioning unit leaks water it can be down to more than just a blocked drain, in some cases it can be down to a faulty pump if there is one fitted. It can be down to a faulty thermistor causing the system to freeze and then defrost once switched off, this can also occur due to lack of air flow through the evaporator coil when filters become excessively blocked or if the unit is short of gas caused by a leak. Water leaks are a very common problem with air conditioning units and tend to be relatively easy to fix but can be prevented with regular servicing of the unit.


Excessive noise can be produced by air conditioning units when there is debris between the fan chamber and motor creating friction and a noise. Fan motor bearings are another cause, this can be due to the bearings being dry and need lubricating or even replacing. Taking the unit apart to find the source of the problem would be required to pin point exactly what was causing the noise.

Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Unit With Very Dirty Evaporator Coil

If you are experiencing issues with your air conditioning, contact us today and we will resolve the problem quickly and efficiently...

Air Conditioning Repairs

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